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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Southern Adventure Opportunities

I have started a new service of sharing my travel experiences with others. There are a lot of beautiful fun places outside of North Carolina that you can experience assorted styles and species of fishing for reasonable prices. I recently returned for a 2-week southern venture with some options for you. To start with, I recently returned from a 3 day mothership trip to the Chandelier Islands in the gulf of Mexico. This is a fun filled trip where the trout are just crazy, 25 per person per day! And the drum are also available at 5 at day with one over 27. You get on the mothership VI and leave out at 12 am. Next 2 or 3 mornings you fish morning and come in for lunch and back out afternoon fishing. They provide small 2 man skiffs that you run and navigate around with their suggestions of where to go. You bring your own bait and tackle but in this trip I will provide baits and such on an individual basis as needed for and extra charge. The VI is a 127 foot crew boat and fitted out great. Aft covered area with small bar where they grill on the Green Egg and fry in a Cajun Fryer. Great hangout with scenery. Come into a large living area with lots of couch and setting, a 52 inch big screen and bar. Next is the kitchen and dining area. This is where the exceptional menus are cooked and served and WOW is all I can say. Things such as prime rib, fish and shrimp for supper. Oh – full breakfast every day before u launch and come in for lunch to hand made stuff such as ½ lb grilled burgers. Food is awesome. The staff of 4 do everything they can to make u happy. Load and unload boats each day, wash rods and reels, you name it. Captain Bobby Lewis and crew are the bomb. You need to bring own tackle and gear and some way to carry fish home if you care too. They will clean and package for you. If flying I recommend getting some freezer packs they can keep frozen for you to get fish home safe. If you care to consume alcohol you need to bring that as well. They provide all drinks, tea, coffee, lemonade and water. Four berthing rooms house 2 anglers with bunks and a bath. Small but nice. If you wanna team up you can bunk together. Selection is first aboard gets first pick. Forward room sleeps 4. Boat runs back in the last day after full day of fishing. It is docked below casino so you can try your luck before or after trip if u care to. Wonderful experience with loads of fish.

And if u like casino life – plan to get in early or stay late – casino on site!

Pricing starts at $900 including trip, my assistance with logistics, technique and fishing. I cover all expenses on boat except license and tip, which you will see is well deserved of crew. Last group kept throwing in money! Only extras will be travel and any bait or gear assistance needed.

Anyone going that has loads of air miles and can get me a ticket out of New Bern gets a discount.

Can do as a group trip if want. 10-12 Anglers. I have 2 day trip booked for April 15 and 3 day trip for April 18 2018. I am taking deposits now for your guarantee on trip. Contact me for more info at specfever@hotmail.com

Posted by Capt. Dave on 04/22/17

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