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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rain has not hurt Trout at all so far – great week working. I had 2 good trips with good fishermen


Rain has not hurt Trout at all so far – great week working. I had 2 good trips with good fishermen this week that produce a quality catch.

Ed, one of loyal Marines (.retired), did well once I got him to switch from his bait to mine. We had over 20 fish with doubles and he would not keep anything too close to 14. Great Marine and conservationist. May convert him from bass!

The Farrier Steel gang was another good trip. Robert and Ben were a litlle slow to start but got with it as morning went on. Let me ad that Robert does better at story telling - lots of fun. We kept a nice mess of fish and they really got going at the end on a little live shrimp fishing on small schooling fish.

Had the battle of the Ladies this weekend too. Looks like Janet beat out Queeny with her first citation fish at 5.5#. I am sure it had nothing to do with the Capt cause Queenies Capt put Janet on the spot.

Matt Godwin can in JUST under 5# fishing with Gary Dubiel (specfever guide service). It weigh 4.96, just .02 shy of scale calibration. Weighed several times but – Oh well. He deserves credit for this exceptional cast.

And finally, Mark Dudley weighed in a 5.86#er to knock Capt Owen out of money in my tournament for now – heating up and expect more changes in standings

Get out and work hard and slow will produce fish. Move around until you find them, seems to get a lot of schooling setting up. Mirrolures, Gulp, Yozuri, and DOA all woorking. By the way, I showed Jon how to rig DOA shrimp up as Mark Nichols shared with me and he told me he did hook into a big fish but didn’t land it.  Come by and I will show you too.

Rock are still providing great top water action around New Bern. Look for gulls and hang on, some nice fish mixed in.

Live shrimp are in my tank now for the Live Baiters and have a good selection of Mirrolure
(some OLD style 38s), DOA with accessories and lead heads, and Gulp at discount prices.

Safe fishing and remember OUR KIDS

Posted by Capt. Dave on 11/18/09

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