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Monday, September 12, 2011

Neuse Update

Drum a setting up for the Big Spawn with this full moon. They are still plentiful and some huge fish being caught. I still have a few openings before switching to light tackle in a couple of weeks. Lets Go.
I had the honor of being the weigh master again this year at Huston Wallace’s 2nd Annual Teaches Cove Kayak Tournament out of Oriental. This is a Slam event. His efforts will provide funds to Pamlico Partnership for Children.
Turnout was good considering our recent misfortune with weather and they were blessed with a beautiful morning to fish. The kayakers caught some real nice fish with a 5.28 pound flounder ringing in a citation for Chad Huff. He also caught a nice drum and flounder to take all categories in the Jr angler division. Tim Johnson took Slam spot for the adults with most weight of a drum and flounder but lacked the TRUE slam.
The event is already scheduled for next year to be held on Sept 8 2012. Stay tuned for other information. Huston will surely put on another great event supported by some great sponsors.
I have everything set for our upcoming Pamlico County Shrine Club Trout Tournament. It is set for Oct 22 and you can fish from boat, pier or shore in the counties of Pamlico, Craven, Beaufort and Carteret. Entry fee is only $50/person with loads of fun and prizes. All you have to do is ask someone who has fished it before. We also need to see out KIDS entries grow. We have cash prizes for top 5 adults and top 3 Jr anglers plus a TWT for the gamblers/braggers!!!! Let me know if I can help with registration or local lodging if needed.
Speaking of local lodging, I have access to a couple of really neat houses for rent. Whether you want a charter or just to come to fish, I can assist with you lodging.
Drum guys still need to give me advance notice for mullet. It has been tough this year but I have been able to fill all orders. Some of the mullets now are getting big, they grow as year goes on! I am carrying a large number of Lupton rigs; please use them or something similar to maintain this great fishery we have. A 50# wind on leader is also a good move to allow you to get a strong hold on fish at the boat before easing them back in reviving before you release.
Be safe on water with all the debris out there. I saw trees ig the middle of the Neuse with just limbs sticking up today. I almost forgot my phone picture that my Trailer Hood Family sent me of their last weekend events.
They all wanted to get on an old drum and ended up with some first time fish. My boy Ryan managed his first fishing with Capt Chris. Then Capt Chris squeeze Lori got her first. Don’t get any better.
Ryans also had a great night gigging with his dad getting some large after storm flounder.
Great weekend had by all.


Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/12/11

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