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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Feb 1 Report


Been a busy Jan doing Henrys Tackle Show and wife dragging me off for a week. Havent been able to report what has been a fair winter month for trout.

Fishing has been good if you find them, especially way up in the creeks too. Showing off a couple of pictures from this week, One is a family photo of the Paces with a nice mess of fish, That is 2 brothers and one son. How about keeping it in the family. Other is of a 30 minute catch from the bank way up the creek. Freeze didnt do to much damage and hopefully winter will get no worse.

Will be updating my inventory pictures on my site soon to show better what I have bought for you all. If you see anything of interest, let me know, I can ship. Out of state as well.

Dont let cold weather stop you, fishing is good year round if you have patience and dont mind skunks occasionally.

My shop trout tournament kicks off Mid March. Get in to the fun and chance to win some decent prize money. Only $25 for 3 months of fishing. Application and rules on my site.

Capt Dave


Posted by Capt. Dave on 02/01/09

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