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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Early October Update

Back off a couple weeks of drum recoup and relaxation. Man what a weather change. Makes for a good flush much needed in the Neuse.
Cooler conditions is getting trout active and aiming for the creeks. Don’t stop fishing river shore though. There are still a lot of fish in river. And, they are all growing up making a legal limit a good possibility. I am still having great success with the DOA shrimp on the Deadly Combo or fish naked twitched along the bottom.
Tuesday afternoons charter with the Rittenhouse gang proved that. I had a time getting them adapt to my style of fishing but ended up with several fish boated and numerous other not making it to the boat. They were a pleasure to have on such a damp and cold afternoon. Real troopers even with Marine Corp Capt Eric on the boat. I over road his authority on this trip! Managed to find a drum too.
Rock bite should improve with the current weather predictions of N winds to help flush out what is causing the dead bottom up river. This weekend should be better.
I am getting bookings on a regular basis so call to get in to some fun action.
On the shop side, I have the best stock of DOA in the area and other favorites on the walls. Live Mud Minnows will be back in the tanks for the on-going future too hopefully this weekend. I also have a new selection of TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Saltwater series rods in stock; extra light in weight but plenty of tip action and back bone plus Guaranteed for life at an economical pricing. Fit one of the Diawa reels spooled w/ FINS braid and you have the best outfit for the money. Get ready for Christmas too with Gift Certificates.
And last but not least, I would love to see all my followers come out and support Pamlico County Shrine Club Speckled Trout Tournament Oct 20. Bring your children and grandchildren too as JR anglers. This is a fun event with loads of prizes donated by my vendors that makes it a winner even if you don’t place in the money.  Also check out the Trophy as a bonus to the Largest Trout weighed in. My buddy Steve Barber was doing this trout as a mount for me for my largest caught but after I caught a bigger one he decided to donate it to the tournament; could be ours now! Please support.
APPLICATIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT: http://www.sudanshriners.com/documents/PamlicoCo.TroutTourney12.pdf
Safe fishing and take home only what you will eat.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/11/12

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