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Friday, November 05, 2010

Early November Report

Cooler weather means lower water temps. With that should bring trout into creeks. And man will there be a lot if all the small stuff moves in. Loads of little fish almost everywhere. A lot of fun but little to eat. Do look for those yellow and red tags in 12” and up fish. Red is $100. Just clip of or write info down and call in size and location for award. Really nice trout design hat for yellow or $5.

Phil came in this week on a windy day trip with a just under 6# fish – 5.94! And Roger; he can do it without you too!!!!!!!! There are some nice fish around but have to work for them. They are being caught on Mirrolure’s, Yozuri’s, Rapala’s, and all sorts of rubber baits

I am carrying my mud minnows through the winter for live baiters. They will fish all winter; even in freezing water.

Remember, I can help you with your Power Pole, trolling motor, and Costa Del Mar needs. Speaking of Power Pole, one of my customer won the $250 certificate given away during tournament nd has a pole. Anyone wishing to buy a pole can contact me about getting the discount from him toward one.

Come enjoy a fun trip with me fishing for trout and/or rock. Call for bookings. I also have access to a great 2 Bedroom house right on Dawson Creek, dock and all. You can catch right off dock too.

Stay safe

Posted by Capt. Dave on 11/05/10

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