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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold Weather Update

We can’t get a break with the weather. Some have braved it to find little to no trout bites. Did have one of my tournament guys weigh in a 6.14 lb fish to take the lead. Finishes up Thursday and will give all results and pictures after Henry’s show this weekend.

Rock is still the fish to target. You can find them from Minnesott back to Trenton/Weyerhauser. Look for submerged pilings and structure plus points and ledges. Oh yes – bridges and trestles work well too. Watch for bait; especially on surface. Keep a top water tied on. I have started packaging my Rockin Wobbles combos which work great along with jigs on bottom. I like the Deep Creek rubber baits best and keep a good selection in shop. Saw Henry in Raleigh this weekend at expo and got samples of Deep Creek lead heads and other stuff too. I will be working with him stocking prior to spring.

Speaking of Henry and Deep Creek, mark your calendars for Aug 13. We are putting on a Slam event out of Oriental with full details coming soon. There will be participants from all over the state. And my man Ed will cook as he does for the Pamlico County Shrine Club Trout Tournament! This will be a great event.

Also will now be carrying my favorite braid – Fins – after meeting them at expo as well. Been using it for a year and love it – less kinking/knotting and cast like crazy. For those who have never been like myself – there is a lot of stuff there, salt and freshwater plus boats. I enjoyed it so much I think I will do a booth next year.

Keep in mind these are all AMERICAN MADE – really. Keep our dollars home.

Myself and Gary Dubiel have a trip planned with Mark Nichols (DOA)and his staff. May also get some others, like Blair Wiggins too. Not sure who alls coming yet but will surely give you some entertaining stories soon.

If interested in a trip for rock, call me for arrangements.

I am at the Henrys show Friday thru Sunday. I will have my cell phone with me if you have a request for show discounting on Costa Del Mar, Minn Kota, or anything else. I can buy Penn Gold, Shimano Top Shelf, and Top Line Daiwa. I share these once a year discounts on orders. Call for assistance – 252 670-2841

If you do get out in the water – be damn careful. You won’t last long over board in these water temps and we hate to loose you.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 01/11/11

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