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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Big Fish being Had

As we get the winds of March out of the way we will see water and air temperatures easing up. This will put fish on the move. The trout that have been providing some great action back in the creeks will begin to ease out towards the river and sound. Their winter hibernation will be over. They will also be more in the “Let’s Eat” mode as their metabolism picks up. Look to find them in the outer areas of creeks instead of the back. They will be hungry and I will be throwing DOA Cal baits on light jig heads worked along the bottom to entice the bite. For subsurface folks, the Rapala Twitchin Rap is great but being replaced by the Twitchin Minnow and Mullet that will do the job! DOA lures new PT top water can also be used as sub surface by removing insert and using weighted hook and worked through the water as a twitch bait – Awesome walking action.

The rock should start their pilgrimage back down river setting up an exciting spring top water fishery. Concentrate along stumpy structural areas holding bait. Work your favorite top water through the region and hang on. My favorite is DOA PT that can be worked completed weed less/snag less through structure and Rapalas new Skitter V. The bridges and reef should also provide good jig and trolling action. My go to is the new DOA Sna-Koil rigged with a weighted hook and dredged along the bottom, Deadly! The DOA Terroeyz is the best jig bait by far. Pop, Pop it hard along pilings and bottom and watch them inhale it. Trollers need to get the Rapala Rippin Rap and work around bridges, channels and the reef. NEED TO REMEMBER – New size limits in effect!

Time to get out and go if you haven’t been during the winter which has been pretty dang good! Also need to get geared up for following months Cobia run! Booking trip now.

Cool Daddy David Raines of New Bern with a real nice almost citation at 4.82 lbs spring trout.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 03/12/17

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