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Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Run!

Weather has been up and down of late – varying water temps thus moving fish around.
Out Saturday with the Aemon family. I had the solicit the help of Capt. Joe Ward to carry whole family. Kept moving until we got into a good top water bite that we sat with our Power Poles down and had some fun!  Tony, the dad is new to our area and had an eye opener as to the types of fishing we have here.                     
Out Monday with Terry,  xxxx. Top water rock bite stunk this morning, beautiful weather BUT!!!! Did manage a top water trout early in the AM. Xxxx caught it but xxxx makes a better picture! Great family and loads of fun.
Out Friday on a double trip. Started with Charles and Steve and a trip paid for by their Father in Law. They are real suck ups!  Stared out on top water rock and 1st cast put Steve on a nice 21” rock. Sevral cast later had Charles hooked up but not in the size. Loads of blow ups. Then on to trout and the problems started. My trolling motor crapped out taking me out of commission. As Steve says “ In my business, shxx happens”. Yes he is a plumber. I am in debt to them for a return trip later in the year to make up for missed opportunity.
Then I teamed up with Capt. Gary Dubiel to do a 2 boat trip for a father and son group attending Y Guides camp at Camp Seafarer.  We hit the river and found some fun action on small trout throwing DOA Deadly Combos. It should be a memorable trip for the kids.
Out again Monday with 2 marines just back from Afghanistan. I am looking forward to a rewarding day for these guys. Going to do a full day, picking them up at Cherry Point docks, head to NB for some rock and work our way back chasing trout.
There is great rock action and small speckled trout action in the river. I throw Strom Chug Bugs, Rapala Skitter Walks and DOA CAL baits for the rock. I throw Mirrolure, Yo-Zuri 3D Fingerlings, DOA Deadly Combos and CAL baits for the trout. I have a large stock of older style 3Ds. that work as good as the new design, in my shop at a much cheaper price.
It’s getting into cobia season with a few reports of early catches. I have arranged with Chuck at Cape Ponit Marina, http://barboursmarina.com/, ; to leave my Mako there through the season for trips out of Barden’s Inlet. Also working with Ron at Harkers Island Tackle,  http://www.harkersislandtackleandtradingpost.com/ ; . Both of these business are great customer oriented establishments. I will still be working the Neuse and Pamlico Sound as well in my Key West.
Give me a call or email me to book a fun filled trip.
Now stock worms, mud minnows, Bionic ballyhoo, squid and shrimp through-out the year.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 04/15/12

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