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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last Big Drum Reprt of 2016

The Hightower Gang was here and so was the Titos! Thanks Stuart for your room at Neuse River Suites in Oriental great view and accommodation’s. Fun time had with a little catching. Joe , Scott and Sam got hooked up with it being the final twos first time at it – they are from Oklahoma.

Look out Chandelier Islands 2017! OUR next possible adventure!!!!

I finally got the DOA Gang here to enjoy my playground. Jennies retirement from school teaching made it happen and hope we do again. Great fellowship for 3 days on the Neuse and surrounding waters. Me, Mark and wife Jennie  and Ed Zayak  hit the water first day after rock in New Bern. Found them but had to run from storms! They took several looks at the New DOA PT Top Water but only at jigs on the bottom. Stuck a few and ran. Day 2 we went after Big Drum. Sucked so we went after some trout  in the march showing them our back waters. Day 3 Kim joined us as we were heading to Cape Lookout to show them our coast. Detour!!! I decided to check out drum on the way and walla – 2 jigged up of bottom on a 3/8 DOA Premium Jig Head and DOA AH Swimbait.    Then off to the Cape touring.

Wasn’t the best of fishing as we have had all year but when with great company - all is good. They also met Flipper on my porch.

Lets get on the TROUT now! Call Me - Rock and Trout trips going on now.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/21/16

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