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Saturday, June 06, 2015


No longer a NC Wildlife Agent - Get license online at http://www.ncwildlife.org/Licensing.aspx or call 888-248-6834. Sorry that our state does support agents enough for their troubles.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/06/15

Slot Drum w/ the Root Family

Yet another trip with Jim Root and his family. The poor fishing conditions, which I mean lack of fish, that NCDMF says we have plenty of did not stop us from getting Gavin a nice Red at 25”. The other boat with the 2 sons guided by my friend Joe Ward had a few trout – yeah trout – with one big enough to make the grease. Great family to cater to just wish we had more to offer.
And believe that Dr Louis Daniels of NCDMF said that there are plenty of trout and that 2015 freeze was not significant enough to close down this year. Oh well, there lies our problem. If we have trout in other regions than so be it – there needs to be some regionally concepts developed like they do with commercial proclamations. No need to close whole coast than close whats effected and leave something to breed.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/06/15

Catch Up Report

Been locked out of my own site due to my lack of IT skills so will play a little catch up.


Another great MAD event – Military Appreciation Day! I had 3 young marines aboard for an adventure chasing cobia.
Jake and 2 Stephens made a day in rough easterly seas with me until 1 Stephen couldn’t hold up! Had to go into inlet and bait fish a while and he was the one to take first rod – Ray! After seeing rays everywhere and time wearing down the 1 Stephen said lets go back to bait balls! True Marine – wont give up and it paid off.
Got back out in area we had hit earlier and lot of boats gone – good. Found several bait balls with no one home and then – one small ball had a pair working around it! Who hooked up but 1 Stephen – the sickly one. Got the smaller at 40 inch but working the other guy for 30 minutes and couldn’t get it to eat jig or live bait. Frustrating but part of the game.
If you have never participated in this event – volunteer next year. Very good event for our troops and self-satisfying to me.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/06/15

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