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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crazy Harry Trip

Great time on the water today with Brother Harry Cosner and his nephew Rick Cleveland of Cocoa Beach Florida.
They did well getting my DOA jigs to the bottom and hanging up on stumps! Oh well, the rock came along with it.
They had several each with most under slot and 2 going 23 and 23 ½. My gut tells me the rock are easing down river but the wind shut my top water effort down to see.
Next week is booked and getting cobia calls – Lets Go!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 03/24/15

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Well, hope I have all straight in the shop by March 28. Why? I declare that my official back regular hours for 2015!
I have stocked up on my DOA Lures product and adding the new 4” Shad and Freshwater 5 inch trick and 7 inch finess worms. And they are catching tournament bass in Florida now. Made in USA too.
I have changed net companies and have gone to Frabill. Have a nice extending handle light weight hookless net available.
I filled my stock with Diawa reels/rods and added the new Ballistic for you upper end anglers. It is extremely light and tough.
I have filled the holes in my Mirrolure line adding the Hot Olive to the selection.
Rapala Twitchin Raps are to be here soon to. Special run of old style as I hear with 5 color options. Next version will be plastic instead of balsa I am told.
New load of Stick It Poles picked up on return from Florida – I get the solid 10’ and 8’ in black and white.
I still have 5 Watersnake 70 lb Combat tiller trolling motors in stock and am letting them go at a deal.
Minnows will be in my tank as I see demand and big savings Betts Tyzac cast nets.
I have as some know became your Minn Kota Authorized Service Center and am here to help get you back on the water as fast as I can even if it means getting it done at night.
Last but not least – charter season is ON. Booking now for spring mixed rock/trout, May cobia and summer Big Drum. Get in while calendar still open. My new Key West has opened up my range.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 03/22/15

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ole Time Freind Trip

Got an old great freind together for a rock trip - this guy Sonny Blackburn showed me the tricks years ago. I showed him mine  today. Also how to take a picture, took a selfie first shot!!!!! Great time on water again with Ms Sarahs homemade pimento cheese. Dont get no better. Season open til 30 Apr if you wanta go for eaters!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 03/17/15

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back from the South Rock Trip

What a DOA Morning – no boats around – calm and warm except water – 49 degree and muddy.
Had a great rod bending with rock from 18-26 inch caught on DOA 3” shad tails, 4” Jerk shad and the new 4” shad tail. Take your pick! Used a ¼ oz chartreuse DOA jig head with short shank on  3” shad tails, 4” Jerk shad and Long shank on new 4” shad tail.
Thump! Then in the boat after a good run in the strong current. Sure would be nice to keep the middle slot fish though – 23, 24 and 26.
Thanks to Bob Bruggeworth and nephew  Aric Bruggeworth for a great morning of fun.
Get your date set – call to book now a rock trip and cobia season real close too – oops  - don’t orget the Big Drum schedule fills up fast.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 03/10/15

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