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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Travel Story

Well, me and wife finally made our maiden extended camping voyage. 5 weeks in Florida with 4 days in Georgia. No broken bones or black eyes either; matter of fact we are both ready to do again!
We started with our stay in Tampa/St Pete region for 2 weeks with some Shriners friends. Great socializing, eating and shopping plus a couple trips wade (freeze) fishing. Waded Anna Maria and Emerson Point areas one day  with wife and caught notta. Only saw 1 sheephead. Fished MacDil Airforce Base flats with Coronel  Dean Franks and finally got him on 1 trout on a DOA shrimp. Cold and crappy weather there in Florida terms. We both had leg cramps after coming in.
On to Jenson Beach to see and fish with my DOA family. I went out one day with Capt Ed Zayak and fished Indian River flats with some decent success. Waded and boat fished catching trout, drum, and snook. We saw some really nice fish but didn’t hook up. Next day was our afternoon with Mark Nichols. Me and Kim got on the boat for a ritual cold beverage to start our trip. We were looking for some pompano which usually get fired up when it gets cold – which it had! Started with plenty of ladies and jacks. Moved around and found a nice trout and made it another fun day on the Indian.Mark was kind enough to let us again use the Gheenoe for our lone ventures. We first went back north and man here comes the wind. We started drifting a slough and found some decent trout and jacks. Left and went up on a flat but water was stirred up bad, Never saw a fish. Back out to the slough and amn wind was up more. The Gheenoe did well and we made 3 more drifts with the same success as earlier before Kim said she had enough! The next morning she wasn’t wanting to go so solo I went. Beautiful light breeze.  Found the same big Ladies and jacks as with Mark but no trout. Fish a couple hours early and called it in.In between fishing and sleeping – Tony Romas provided great priced beverages and a great Super Bowl Party!
On to Port Canaveral for a few days. Really nice campground on the ocean and river with a view of all cruise ships going out. You can also fish from the jetty, pier or beach. Fished one day with my friend Capt Willy Le of Native Fly Charters in Mosquito Lagoon sight fishing for big drum and trout. I finally got my wife to experience sight casting thanks to Willy. We each caught trout and drum having a great day on the water. He showed us a nice happy hours for wings and brews before we headed in to get ready for our introduction to Vietnamese cuisine – my request. I cant tell you the name of what we had but it was a soup with meat and veggies and was excellent. Also had the chance to meet Kristen and Jasmine – great family!
Now on to Cedar Key. This has got to be to best quant fishing island. Nothing around but marsh, islands and a small fishing town. Camped at Anglers RV Park which is an excellent site. Paul is the owner and very personable with all his clients. He took me and my buddy Noble Brother Ron Hartman and 2 others out red grouper fishing. We had a blast with me getting the only 2 groupers yet undersize. We caught loads of Cedar Key grouper (grunts) and some nice sea bass coming in with a load for the campers to clean for a fish fry. Ron and I ventured out one morning and found some nice areas to fish but only 1 trout. Hopefully Ron will get on them before he leaves – I left him plenty of DOA!
That is it for the fishing – Tybee Island was just a stop to break return trip home – hate to come come but – Until Next Time – Back in the saddle at Minnesott ready to fish and sell gear!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 02/16/14

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