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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Friday, December 20, 2013



Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/20/13

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pre Christmas Trout

Out this am for a cold start after a rock or 2 with Stuart Creighton – you need to try fishing in chocolate milk! Neuse was nasty and we had a couple of taps but that was it. The chill was gone early but we trailered the boat and headed down river.
We found a lot of small trout and ended up with Stu boating 3 nice fish at 18-20+ inches and he releasing them to be caught again. Rapala Twitching Rap getting it done. It was a nice finish to a slow start.
Water down river was a lot cleaner than the STUFF running down from the West!
I have a day or 2 available between now and New Years for anyone wanting to target these fish – call and we will talk.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/19/13

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is about a week away and it’s time to hibernate! Not that I always want to but shop business demand dictates it.
As always, I will be available to help all with any tackle, boating or shooters needs through this period, All you need to do is call first (252 670-2841) to be sure I am around. Charters go year round so just call to book your adventure with me, rock season goes all the way through the winter with trout possible too.
I will be having again this year a Coastal Catchin’ Seminar on Red Drum with Gary Dubiel March 1st at New Bern Shrine Club. It is guaranteed as always to be fun and full of great information along with great home cooking lunch provided.
I can still fill your Christmas needs up to Christmas eve – please call before coming – gift certificates, stainless fish spatulas, rod/reels, Judge and more!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/15/13

Friday, December 13, 2013

Coastal Catchin’ Seminar 2014

This years seminar is set - look for a great event to learn secrets and techniques of catch Red Drum - we will be offering again 2 - 1/2 day charters as door prizes as well as discounted tackle and drum charter bookings - register early for guaranteed seating and Eating!Gonna Be A Good Time!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/13/13

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Gear Coming In

I have a new order of TFO Gary Loomis rods coming in this week along with good selection of Diawa reels to make a great combo Christmas gift. I also have some gift items that will fill the stockings like the Stainless Fish Shaped Spatula, Lures, Line Cutters, Kershaw Knives, Gift Certificates, Shrimp Earrings and more. Along with my previous post included discounted goods, you can make your spouse happy for less.
Come see me this weekend – no long lines to stand in and smiling cashier!
There is still time to get a trip in to target trout or rock before Christmas too – call to book it or get a gift certificate for a later trip.

Christmas is just around the corner and I want to share some of gift possibilities.
Quality TFO and Diawa rods and reels from $25 - $200
Cast Nets - $20 and up
Stick IT Poles $59 and up
Tackle Boxes - $20 and up
Stainless Fish Spatula - $15
Kershaw Knives (lifetime) - $20 and up
Stocking Stuffers – lures, line, line snippers  and stuff
Gift Certificates - $20 and up for Tackle or Charters!
AND – look at my previous post discounts and get them as well!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/10/13

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dec 5 2013 report

I have been kinda busy of late on the water.  Mostly chasing rock in New Bern.
I had Paul Armstrong and his wife Mickie out for his retirement trip Tuesday am, He is honorably retiring as Gunny Armstrong from our US Marine Corp. I even had a work experience from my past employment we strangely remembered – small world! We worked the jig bite hard with getting both to feel the tap! Managed to stick one for Gunny. Gonna work with him as best I can to get him retired and enjoying our local fishing.
Micheal and Kenny stopped on the way home from work and managed a real nice limit of trout in short time – good Rapala Twitchin Rap catches. Glad them could both come home still employed at PCS – really tough on some long time good workers.
I had Jim Root out on a solo trip to give him some hands on skills rock fishing. Great guy with a head full of world tour on a sailboat stories even though they interrupted a bite or two! Fog held us at port an hour before we GPSed our way to a closed stop to jig up some rock. We started getting taps almost instantly with Jim hooking in to a small but strong rock to started. After a couple more he did stick a 21 inch slot fish that was FAT. When he was cleaned he was full of 3 small juvenile rock! Eating her own – wow.
Plenty of action around – just have to move around to find it.
Still have open dates before Christmas and Gifts certificates for later dates.
Be safe in the cold.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/05/13

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Update

Had a trip out Friday that we waited for it to warm a bit before hitting the water. I had Jim Gregory and Art Poling on board who were spending Thanksgiving in New Bern from Raleigh. We fished the Neuse with Art sticking a FAT 26/27 inch fish throwing one of my Rockin’ Wobbles. Jim had just landed a small trout and I looked and saw Arts rod bowed over. I said “you got a rock”.  He looked at me and started to hand me the rock thinking he was hung up again! I told him to reel him it, it’s a fish! Terminology and understanding each other can be tough, especially me – but we got him.
Saturday I sent buddy, Capt Gary Dubiel, off to get married after a trip with his Dad and 2 great friend Mick Geever and Brian Shumacker. Great fun and fish with Brian putting on a clinic fly fishing in deep water putting 3 to the boat and losing another. Great start of a great day had by all – especially Gary, Michele and Shelby Dubiel!
Trout fishing has greatly improved with some really nice fish being caught along with good numbers. George Pittman had his largest trout today weighing in at 5.84 lbs. My wife weighed it in for him and said he was tickled with his Best Catch. Great catch George.
Now – I am 15 days from doing my Hibernation Schedule for the winter. That means NO regular schedule for those who don’t know me. I can help with tackle and boat issues if you call me and I am home though – 252 670-2841 – the KneEDeeP hotline. I will be staying on the water though – Charters never stop! Call me and Lets Go.
I have my inventory reduction sale stuff through the rest of the season (look back at previous posts) and also some great Christmas gifts as well as gift certificates. I am now carrying Par Fe cleaner wax that is easy to apply and can restore and protect your boat, car, etc.; NO Buffing.  Been on the market for years but hard to find until NOW. I have quart containers that is concentrated used at a ratio of 16-1 (water-Par Fe) I will have a case on hard all the time as I am using it myself.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/01/13

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