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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cooler Weather!

It is fall and fishing is ON!

Trout (Chad Levy 7 lb) and slot drum (Buck Jones 27 in) have been fired up and should continue to be through the fall. They are in the river and will tend to move back in the creeks as weather cools off. Target these fish on top water, sub surface or bottom depending on conditions. I use Rapala Skiiterwalk. Storm Chug Bug and DOA Airhead on top, Rapala Twichin Rap or Storm Twitchin Stick sub surface and DOA CAL tails and Shrimp on bottom.
Rock will be caught through the winter and can be caught from Dawson Creek to Trenton and Pitch Kettle. Work deep ledges and stumpy shoreline for some exciting strikes using the same baits as for trout and drum. I will add my Rockin Wobble as a good swim bait too.

Contact me for a fun filled trip after these guys.

Shop is loaded with TFO and Diawa plus best selection of DOA baits in area along with information of use that you get nowhere else. Will have live mud minnows in tanks real soon for live baiters. New on the shelves are my Fish Spatulas made of stainless! Great for the grill or gifts.

Come on out and fish with us this weekend - Pamlico County Shrine Club Trout Tournament - Capt meeting 6 pm Friday 25th Pamlico County Shrine Club with Grady Dixon smokey BBQ. Come support and enjoy - WANT KIDS!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/21/13

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