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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy 2 Day but Love It!!!!!!

I was out Wednesday with Jeff and Mellissa Lowe, a couple vacationing from Kentucky while kids are a camp. They decide to spend the day with me – what better!!!! And they picked the prettiest day we have had for a while.
We fished shoreline and structure from Oriental to the sound and found fish at all stops. It was a slow start for Jeff but he ended up with a really nice 21 inch slot drum. His wife says he learns well and that held true! All the fish were caught on DOA shrimp and they went home with a nice bag of 4 trout and a drum for table fare.

I had the Felkner family on my boat Thursday  AM before the water got vacuumed out of the river.
Pete and his boys Jack and David ended up catching a combination Slam with and couple fish going home to eat. We had 1 nice trout and a slot drum in the livewell. All of these fish came on the dreaded DOA shrimp twitched along the bottom.

Wind behind storm should bring a short push of water in for the weekend making top water action light up.
If you wanta go – call me for some exciting action.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/13/13

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