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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Late May Report

It was a busy weekend around Minnesott. Shop was busy as needed and hopes to continue Friday and Saturday, a Pig Picking Saturday Night, Charter Sunday, me fishing Monday and Tuesday.
Let’s start with Sunday trip with Tate, Tim and Colonel Dean. It was a pleasure to have all aboard but especially Colonial Dean for this Memorial Day weekend trip in honor of their service. It was a foggy ride out of the creek to pick them up at Tates dock. Thank God for GPS! We started out top water chasing the rock and man we had some activity. We hooked up to a couple of nice fish to only loose them. Lots of blow ups with one explosion I wish we had stuck and could have managed to the boat – the water flew! Then we were on to some trout and drum activity. I had them throwing the DOA Deadly Combo and man was it getting the job done. They managed to catch several drum with only one making the slot at 18 ½. We only managed 1 trout that didn’t get in the pictures. The drum was destined for Fish Tacos – hope they had enough! Great guys that will hopefully hang together throughout the years.

Monday AM me and Michael hit the water with him throwing DOA shrimp and me the Storm Chug Bug in search of trout or drum. First 2 stops – nothing hungry. Next stop I landed a hybrid Rock that smacked the Chug Bug. That was all there. Then we went across the river and worked some points finding some hungry aggressive drum. They were eating the DOA Deadly Combo up. You could occasionally see one push up at bait and sight cast to them. 2 trout were mixed in with the drum. It was then to th Point to meet family for an afternoon of fellowship and grilling.

Tuesday AM we (me, Gary Dubiel and Michael) were of after cobia. We left Oriental early hitting the inlet before the sun was up much at all. We headed west in search of bait balls or activity. It was all but dead. We did manage a shark or 2, one being a Dusky hitting a squid jig I had on my TFO EX Heavy rod.

It handled it well and proved to me to be a great lighter rod for Big Drum this year (plenty in stock too). After sun got up enough to see good heading east we went back around the channel buoys and found a couple of small pods of bait. We did see a cobia cruising but no taker.  Eastward we headed and found a huge and I mean huge area of bait pods, birds and busting fish. What a change! We caught loads of bait jigging it up and set out live baits drifting the area. I constantly jigged the bait balls to no avail. The line bait rods started going off. Shark then a cobia; looked to be around 40lb before he broke off. Re-rigged and back in with Gary and Michael jigging up bait. Then Michael says “what the heck, a shark on a sting silver”. As he faught it in the TFO medium weight rod – a live rod went off. Gary took over on the medium giving hopes that Michael could get his first cobia. After releasing the shark on live bait, Michael took medium back. As it got near the boat and we saw it we thought it may be a cobia instead of shark. Then, it rolled up, a huge drum had ate the sting silver. At 42-44 inches, it was released to be caught again. WOW!

As good as it was it cut off that quick. We should have been there earlier! Great trip with great friend and family.
Well, now we are into the summer. Shop is loaded with all your needs, tank loaded with mud minnows, and openings to target any species of your choice. Drum season is nearing and will start search for them real soon on light tackle too. Get your date on the books not to miss out this year. If you have you own boat – get it geared up with a new Diawa Opus Plus or Penn Slammer combo. I have large drum nets too.
Be safe on the water and take a kid fishin’.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 05/29/13

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Windy but Fish

This weather has been a Bear! – SW blow and blow ‘til no water left.
A few have made it out this week with mixed results. There has been some really nice trout caught in creek mouths and in river structure. They have been caught on live mud minnows, DOA Deadly Combos and Storm Chug Bugs.

There have been some nice pods of puppy drum caught in the river and creeks with a few slot fish mixed in. My sources are using mostly live mud minnows.
Weather is calling for a wind shift that will hopefully push some needed water back in but not BLOW! With this will bring a great bite in our river if we can get out and do it.
The shop is stocked up with all the bait and tackle needed for this fishery – mud minnows in the tank too. Need a new rod – I got it – from mid-$20 on up to $200 range. Lots of used stuff too.
Your larger boat needs can also be had with Power Poles and Trolling Motors sold and install here – Capt Richard Andrews just joined the Power Pole Guide Staff as we installed a new 8’ Pro II on his 22 Path Finder. He will be working out of Manteo NC area this summer – if heading to the beach – give him a call.

If you would like to come to the area and stay right on Dawson Creek with your own dock and fish can be caught there – give me a call – it is available for the weekend.
Hope all have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day. Let’s go fishing – I am just a phone call away.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 05/22/13

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Early May Update

I got to say – the fishing is on! Trout, Drum, Flounder and Rock are all being found in creeks and river shore.  The problem recent has been the wind and too high of water. For those getting out, it has been worth the venture.  Shoreline catches are improving drastically as fish are staged to hit the river shore and sound.
One of the local guys that, wishes to be anonymous, has been on several pods of slot and yearling drum. He has been catching on top water and live bait as well. He has report one at measuring 29”. Good sign for coming summer!!!
My Man Michael Carawan had his play weekend and put it to good use. Day one was numerous and I mean numerous trout, drum and flounder. Top water drum up to 29”, DOA Shad tail slot drum, trout and flounder. It was makings for a great trip with Kenny Campen.
Day 2 he had Brad Moore out for an afternoon of play. Brad started out throwing his Gulp and Michael the good ole DOA CAL Shad tail. After several DOA fish boated he decided to go to the best bait – DOA and began with a small drum. They caught several fish of several species having a great afternoon.

I had 2 trips this week – the 1st being with a local guide and friend that I took on a scouting trip – me and Gary Dubiel hit some on my prospective spots and man was it a struggle. I did manage to put him on a trout and drum to end up having a happy client!!!!

The 2nd was a trip which I moved from one location to another with Lee Smith and his buddy Ruddy Christensen. It was Lees’ birthday.  We had a far rock top water bite early hitting a few short fish and Ruddy finally stuck what would have been a slot fish at about 20”. He ended up snagging a bigger catch we I set the back hook of the Chug Bug in my finger!!! Cut it off and kept going. We then went after trout and drum throwing DOA Deadly Combos and found a few in 2 locations – most short but live welled 2. Then at the last main stop looking a drum or rock – Ruddy tagged into an 18 ½ slot drum – his first ever. It gave him a run for his money hanging up on some structure but he managed it well and got it out and to the net.

Fishing will continue to improve as weather allows. The top water action for trout and rock up river has been great at times early am and later pm. There has also been loads of catching on DOA Deadly combo in areas of structure and grass. Creeks have loads of grass making treble hook suspending baits tough in areas. Go weed less with VMC wide gap weighted hooks and you can get it done.
Time to get on the water and keep in mind that the Neuse region keeper rock season is closed but the catch and release of 18-30” light tackle is to die for!!!
Call to book today!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 05/09/13

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