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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drum Bite On

This has been one busy week. Drum has fired up as expected and so have fishermen.
I had a double day trip with a group of out of town guys that was a great success even with the crappy weather Friday. Captains Gary Dubiel, Mitchell Blake, Joe Ward, Scott Woods and I treated our guests to some great drum fishing with all getting several citation class big drum. I hope they all had as good a time as I did. These guys came for fun and had it. Looking forward to them again next season.
This action should continue for 4 more weeks or more. Get out and enjoy this exceptional fishing season we have here. Bait is a key issue. Be sure to have a good source because fresh mullet is in high demand right now.
If you need bait, you can call and schedule ahead though my shop. I will have what you need here for your trip or call before you come to let you know if there is a problem. 99% of the time I will have you covered. I also carry Lupton rigs, chum, menhaden oil and big nets.
I will be booking trips for the big drum through the end of September. Get your date in soon to guarantee a FUN trip. Kids are welcome to come enjoy their first great adventure.
Also, I am seeing a lot if disrespectful people out on the water. I know everyone is excited about this action but please be considerate of each other. Don’t run over someone anchored up – stay far away – the river is wide. Don’t set up too close to another boat – these fish can spook easy and can make a long run that may end up in your anchor. Bottom line – just be considerate of each other. There is a lot of water to cover and plenty of spots for all.
Safe fishing.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/26/12

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drum is the word

The drum are here! I have and have had reports of good number and size catches. Even had one fish reported and pictured in at 57”. Exceptional!!! Only going to get better through September.
I had by friend and business associate Randy Durham out for a trip tp get his daughter Jessie her first Big Drum. And she did. She had a 47” and 38” catch for her first trip getting a citation as well before heading off on her college venture. Good luck girl and hope fishing luck carries on too.
I also had Brother Bill Charles and his son Noah out for a late afternoon drum trip. It was Noahs’ B’Day event. At the age of 15 he got his first big drum ay 40” which was one of 3 on the line. He will carry this experience with him back to Pennsylvania.
Trout and flounder are still making the day for light tackle as are rock in New Bern area.
Let’s get out and have a fun/safe trip on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/21/12

Monday, August 13, 2012

Drum Report

Dodge the storms and catch trout and flounder (maybe a pup too). There are still lots of trout along the river shore and down river creeks and bays. Work the shores thoroughly fishing tight to bank and also out away from shore too. Pay close attention to bait around you; may have an Old Drum below it.
This should be the week to get fired up for Big Drum. I have had several reports of some fish being caught soaking fresh bait. Some fish in the night, I fish during the day. I had Kip Anderson and his friend Johnny out today in search of the drum. We ran to several spots before landing in the sound. We saw bait trying to get away from something AND the rods went off ending up landing a double with Johnny getting the better end of it with his 45” drum and his first. Kips 38” was nice too. There has been a lot more 30-something fish so far this season. Remember to get drum back into water and revive fast. Release in the water is better, especially if you already have a picture.
For those needing bait or desiring a trip, call ahead to assure your purchase or booking.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/13/12

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Aug 1 Update

Great Day on the water with the Delcambre family. Early AM out with no trout 1st stop but a round of casting/fishing lessons! (Ryan told me I would be challenged) Moved across river to another spot and it was on – loads of trout for all 3 from 12 – 15 inches. They ended up with 5 for the table tonight. The trout are getting bigger fast. It was a pleasure having Phil, Jill and Kyle on my boat for a fun filled trip. Kyle even wanted to swim with the porpoise but I told him Ryan would have to cover that excursion as a separate trip! Phil’s’ mom and dad; Ryan and Cathy were my first clients. Must have made a statement because they still call me!!!!! Cathy also taught what a PONCHO is for – Rain?????
My boy Michael has stuck his first bait soaked Big Drum for the year – not quite a citation at 39” but made him happy.  You can see it in photo; he’s grinning big about something! AND Ed Elliott has finally stuck his first Oldie. He has been at it for over a week fishing near about daily and got his first ever Old Drum.  He was by his self and hit a double on first fish losing one and getting one to boat. Called me and sound like he had hit the lottery! He got 1 more a while latter and is hooked. Both were in the upper 30s and I know he will see the 40+ soon the way he is fishing. Not bad for a BASS fisherman!!
The drum are here and finally getting a bait bite but don’t overlook shallows for sight casting. AND; a lot of folks have called wanting to know if I have any mullet? Remember I take your orders for your planned trips. Call ahead and won’t have to look for bait any more.
Oriental Rotary Club Tarpon and Slam event is set for 18 August. I am going to do the weigh in and want to offer a $10 gift certificate for anyone that brings a slot drum in for weigh in and releases ALIVE. With the stock shortage this year we all need to think conservative. Please do not throw a dead fish back to keep a larger one.
Call me to book a fun filled trip for Old Drum or Mixed bag soon as bookings are coming in fairly strong right now. Makes me happy! Love seeing people having an enjoyable time.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/05/12

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Top Water Rock Show

Received the schedule for our Top water Rock Show w/Je Albea on Carolina Outdoor Journal on UNC TV Channel. It is now set for Saturday the 8th Sept at 7:30 am in the morning in lieu regular 11 am on Sunday. The show will also air on the Tues. the 11th 9am & 4pm and Wed. the 12th at 2am.

Don’t miss it or tape it; it was an exciting morning rock bite! Most fun I had all last fall.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/04/12

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