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Monday, August 13, 2012

Drum Report

Dodge the storms and catch trout and flounder (maybe a pup too). There are still lots of trout along the river shore and down river creeks and bays. Work the shores thoroughly fishing tight to bank and also out away from shore too. Pay close attention to bait around you; may have an Old Drum below it.
This should be the week to get fired up for Big Drum. I have had several reports of some fish being caught soaking fresh bait. Some fish in the night, I fish during the day. I had Kip Anderson and his friend Johnny out today in search of the drum. We ran to several spots before landing in the sound. We saw bait trying to get away from something AND the rods went off ending up landing a double with Johnny getting the better end of it with his 45” drum and his first. Kips 38” was nice too. There has been a lot more 30-something fish so far this season. Remember to get drum back into water and revive fast. Release in the water is better, especially if you already have a picture.
For those needing bait or desiring a trip, call ahead to assure your purchase or booking.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/13/12

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