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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Monday, July 30, 2012

Neuse Heating Up

The Neuse is starting to light up with bait – loads of it. And with that comes the OLD DRUM. Several have been caught sight cast on light tackle – awesome. It’s time to soak some bait. I haven’t had any reports on this yet but it is day by day.
The trout are everywhere though small can provide a fun trip and mix of legal fish that can be eaten. My bride and I went out this AM and caught numerous fish in about 1 ½ hours. I tagged 7 and released loads of others. Could have had 3 legals to go with the one 15 ¼ flounder but released all trout. Dale Hayes had a nice fat 23”er this weekend on MUDS and Jake Bond came into shop for Gulp and I gave him 1 DOA shrimp – SOLD – he was back for more!
I am starting to take mullet orders. I will be getting fresh in tomorrow (sold) and Friday this week. You still have time to call and secure yours for this weekend. Also have plenty of everything else needed in stock too.
Bookings for Old Drum looking good so call to get reserved – guarantee FUN. Where else can you possibly end up catching huge fish and qualifying for a state citation.
I installed the new Watersnake Slider 80 lb trolling motor on my Key West and tested her today. Plenty of torque and easy of deploy and stow. Comes with a quick removal bracket and inline fuse. All I can say is they should sell well at about $500 less than competitors with same 2 year warranty. It doesn’t have a remote but the long wired foot pedal is easy to use.
Let me know if I can help you with a Watersnake or any other equipment or tackle. Guns too!

Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/30/12

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Late July Heat/Wind & Storms

We now reside in the tropics – breezy and storms every day – what’s up?
I had a trip last Saturday with the Reed family. Eric really wanted to get his kids out fishing while staying in Oriental. I even tried to get him to back out no deposit held and he said his kids were troopers. I think he is luckier than they are troopers because we had good weather and caught lots of trout. We even had a couple of doubles as well. Action was good with lots of small fish and had they wanted to keep fish’ we could have had 2 to 3 limits. We caught on Mirrolure, DOA shrimp and DOA Deadly Combo as well as a couple caught on top water fishing Storm Chug Bug. A great fun day for the family that shouldn’t have been with the projected weather – even SKIPPY can’t get it right all the time.
My boy Michael has been at it with DOA CALS and the camera. He knows what’s catching and as you see, Figi Chicken is not all bad!!! He is getting pretty good with the camera too. Before long I will call him son in law.
Fred Peterson had an exceptional shore catch of a 6 lb trout last week caught on Muds.
Speaking of muds, I may be in short/no supply for a couple of months. The hot weather as every year is working on my tanks. Call to see and I will try to have some on hand. Bay River Campground is still carrying though.
Drum have not fired off as expected but is only a day away! Who knows what day? I am taking bait orders now for those who use me. You know the deal. All other needs; Lupton Rigs, Combos, nets, and chum in stock.
Bookings for Old Drum looking good so call to get reserved – guarantee FUN. Where else can you possibly end up catching huge fish and qualifying for a state citation.
I will now be running a Watersnake Slider 80 lb trolloing motor on my Key West and planning on taking on warranty repair as well. If you want to see one, come by my shop or stop me on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/24/12

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Time to Think Big Drum

We finally got some favorable wind but storms have plagued the afternoons. After several hot hours of AM fishing, it’s OK.
Fishing has been good with numbers of slams being caught, just not legal size. You can have a lot of fun and manage a meal if you work at it.
I had a repeat client from last year out for mixed bag Friday and weather was great in the AM. Jackie and Ralph got to see the whole down river side of the Neuse. We fished from Raccoon Island all the way back to Oriental and caught fish everywhere we stopped, No large fish to brag about but a fun trip cut short by our now tropical storms in PM.
We are all biting at the bit for Old Drum. I am going to try and stick a few this week to jump start everybody. I know they are here from reports I have been getting; maybe not real thick but bet I can catch some. Bait is the issue. If you got plans to go I need you to call me in advance so I can have you fresh mullet here for you. AS every year, if you order you are obligated to pay and I am obligated to have you ready to go. Also have plenty of Lupton Rigs, chum, Penn/Okuma combos and large drum nets in stock.
Drum trips are already booking up so call if you want to go. I do 5-6 hour morning or afternoon trips as well as full day on my 23 Mako capable of fishing 3 safely and comfortably.
Also have some 2x and xl of my new ss shirts in and working on UVs as well. Will be ordering more ts soon to cover all sizes

Stay safe and respectful on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/14/12

Monday, July 09, 2012

Post 4th July Update

It has been a busy, windy, and HOT week on the river. West wind has got to slack off. Low water and rough conditions made fishing tough but fish are there.
Tuesday was the best weather day of the summer; calm morning with slight breezes later made for a fun trip with Harry Cosner and his 2 nephews Devan and Dalton. Started out casting at tarpon early in am on our way to first stop. Saw them rolling but could get a taker. We proceeded to several spots finding trout drum and flounder though most undersize but fun. All 3 ended up with a slam with the largest trout of 18 ¼ going to Dalton on what? DOA Baby! Harry couldn’t be pulled off of the gulp and did land quit a few flounder on it. Great kids that know how to fish. Never had to clean up a braid buger; Dalton got his own out but couldn’t keep his rod down! Missed a lot of fish. Love having great kids on my boat. You too Harry. And check out the smallest drum I have ever seen hook up!
Monday was a father son trip with Big John and Little John Little from Dallas Texas. Weather was a bear with 15+ W/NW wind at 6am. Made it to first stop and immediately started catching trout – most in legal range. But Little John was getting a little green so we had to find some lee shoreline. Moved in and found some nice trout, drum and flounder on deep points. Caught these today on live muds and DOA shrimp.
Fishing will only improve as these trout continue to grow and the Big Drum Continue to move in. I did say Continue. We have had several good reports of light tackle hook ups on them and I will get out soaking bait soon.
Drum trips are already booking up so call if you want to go. Mixed bag trips also available through the summer into the fall.
Shop is in full swing with my new stocking of Stick It Poles 8-12 feet and TFO rods and Diawa reels ready to spool with Fins Braid. And of course – the largest/best selection of DOA baits (made in USA) with the knowledge of how to fish too.
The Oriental Rotary Tarpon/Slam event is coming up soon. I will be the weigh master for this event and hope all that have live wells will bring their fish in and release alive. I will also have a booth at the event displaying some of my goods and services including a great supply of Lupton rigs for yearling drum. I hope all will use them or similar whether you buy or make them.
Stay safe and respectful on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/09/12

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