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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Day with a Marine Captain

I had the privilege of carrying one of our Gulf War Marines recent returned out for a day of fishing. It was an opportunity to have 2 Captains on the boat at once; but I held SENIORITY!
We almost cancelled this trip due to the viscous SW winds and low water. But as a Marine does, he said lets push on.
The morning started out in our favor with winds subsiding to a fishable level. We hit 3 separate areas and found the top water rock hungry and aggressive in all. Did do a lot of stump bumping to get into the areas but was well worth the effort. We spent about 3-4 hours on top water before moving on to jigging. Jigging action was slow, hampered by the increasing again winds, but we managed several strikes with no hook ups.
We finished day showing the Captain some trout jigging for the small trout we have in the area.
Sorry his partner didn’t show and enjoy the day we had; rub it in.
I made a decision after this trip to offer any Cherry Point stationed Marine a 10% discount on any trip I offer and will pick up at Hancock Creek boat ramp if fishing in this area. These guys are close to my heart having spent the last 2 years of my carrier traveling around the world with them. Up-coming cobia season will require travel to Harkers Island, but I can arrange pick up in some cases.
Now stock worms, mud minnows, Bionic ballyhoo, squid and shrimp through-out the year and still waiting on firearms license.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 04/17/12

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