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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pre Christmas Report

Well, my slow shop time is here - “Hibernation”. Thursday will be my last full shop hour day until March. Come get your Christmas Gift Certificates or products. This don’t mean I will not help those who need something; just call ahead. I will be fishing allot and doing my January shows. Keep this in mind for any of your large purchase needs IE trolling motors / power poles / Talons. I share show saving on orders. I will also be at Raleigh Fishing Expo with a booth showing off my charters service and selling some of my favorite goods. Come out and see what I have and the show discounts available. I will be posting my regular reports for the rock and trout through this time too, so call if interested in a trip to chase these guys. Cold weather angling but good fishing.

I hit a couple of areas I haven’t fished for a while to help Tim Ellis get a broader range for his tagging study. Saturday found a load of SMALL trout with non over 14”. Tagged 8 in Bay River creeks. Tuesday took me to a Neuse River creek that was also loaded with SMALL trout but did major 1 at 17 1/2 inch and tagged 10.

Have had lots of reports around the county from boat and shore of decent slot catches and loads of fun on small fish. Dale Hayes had this nice trout fishing with his buddy Nick. They have become avid trout guys. Rock continues to be the star with good action in and around New Bern. Should only continue to get better.

I have been getting a few calls on mud minnows. I will fill my tank again in preparation of your call. Great winter trout bait. Call to arrange purchase, regulars know the deal!

I will be booking charters through the winter targeting Rock and trout. Great fishing through the cold! Call to book your journey into some awesome fishing.

Be safe on the water and tight lines.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/14/11

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