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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Late Oct Spark

I had a good week chasing trout and rock. Weather changes are improving our recreation fall fishing season.

I found trout Monday fishing local creeks using Mirrolure MR 17s. Found some small and some slot fish at some of my local spots. I had to move around to locate them but was satisfied to catch what I did, tagging some too.

Tuesday was great day fishing with my buddy Capt Gary Dubiel. We were doing a shoot for Carolina Outdoor Journal fishing rock in New Bern area. We had an excellent top water bite in am fishing stump fields and finished show jig fishing shorelines and the reef. Great show up coming, not because I am in it but the top water action was awesome. Stay tuned until next September.

To top this off, one of my good buddies got bored the other day and took his favorite rod and bait out on his pier on the Neuse to try his luck on trout. He ended up with an unexpected catch. After a 30 minute fight almost completely spooled he came in with a 44” drum! Believe it. His wife netted fish and took pictures, Who knows if there are more around after such an awesome season we had.

My charter bookings are dictating the season. Call me to book your trip today.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/29/11

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pre Tournament Report

Cooler weather soon to get here. Fishing looks to be a lot better than we expected.

There are a lot of trout around which will be moving in as weather cools. I have reports of a lot of small fish with good mixes of slot fish. You have to move around to locate but when you find them the fun begins. Baits of choice have been 17 and 18MRs, Gulp and my favorite DOA. Not just the shrimp but their CAL baits and Heads are excellent. The picture trout was one of many caught dock fishing; what can be done from a boat????

Rock fishing is great already. Excellent topwater bites in am and pm working structure and docks. Jigging and casting the reef and bridges is also producing well. My baits of choice are Storm Chug Bugs and Rapala Skitter walks for topwater and Gulp with DOA CALS and MY Rockin’ Wobble combo being my favorite.

Had a great trip Tuesday targeting the rock with the Mack brothers. May was there some trash talking going on. Little brother Tony said he was the fisherman and old brother Mike was just a dreamer. Well, 1st out the gate throwing chub bugs in the stump, on 1st cast , Michaels hooked up. A slot rock, his first. Not many cast later, another 22 inch fish. Tony was catching ...... Left there and hit the reef and bridges. Not sure how many we caught, releasing most, and keeping them a nice limit.

Conditions should only improve into the fall so get out a go.

If you need a good guide, I can recommend 1 or 2, myself being #1 in my book! Call me the target these fish throughout the winter too.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/19/11

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pamlico County Shrine Club Speckled Trout Tournament

Tournament is set for this Saturday 22 Oct with Capt meeting and feed Friday 21 Oct at 6pm at Shrine Club on Hwy 306 S. NEWS FOR LATE REGISTRIES: come to shrine club at Capt meeting and we will wave extra $25 late fee. We want all anglers available to come enjoy this event. Weather is looking great too.
AND, check out the 1st place trophy this year. Steve Barber is the Man and has donated this again in support of our cause.  He also does other fish too. I will be linking him on my website soon or let me know if you are interested in any of his work.

Trout and rock trips open for most dates except 31 Oct - keep check ing post of latest catches.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/17/11

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Over Due Report

My computer skills are not the best and a major dump due to Staples tech folks didnt help - BUT - my man MIKE Becker got me back in.

Fall fishing is setting in.

Rock action in New Bern has been consistent with better action to come. Fish top water early and late in structure and bait pods and jigs in deeper waters later in day.

The trout are showing good at times with lots of small fish mixed in with some nice keepers. Baits of choice are the ole MR17 and Gulp shrimp. Don’t be afraid to try Deep Creek shrimp too.

I am back into Mud Minnows to for live bait fishermen.

Bookings beginning to pick up, so call and let’s go have fun targeting these fish.
AND come on and register to fish our Pamlico County Shrine Club Speckled Trout Tournament 22 Oct . We look for loads of kids in our JR angler catergory. Call 252 249-1786 for more details.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/11/11

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