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Friday, August 26, 2011

BIG Drum on the Neuse

Another great BIG Drum week – now time for a Blow!!!!

Had Randy Durham and one of his site (http://www.NCangler.com) moderators out Wed afternoon. I wetted them down to start with a stiff NE wind before settling down to some action. They both managed to get well deserved citation catches. It was Jeffs first catch. Good fishing with good people.

Thursday Am was out with Mike Marsh and my buddy Capt Gary Dubiel. We got him some good writing stuff and lots of pictures with 3 fish in first hour of drumming. We then went for light tackle and managed a yearling drum and trout fishing bait slicks in shallows.

Thursday afternoon was a trip with Noble Brother Joey Freeman, his grandson Christian Register and his buddy Jeff. Started a little slow with 3 unpinned fish then it fired up – had 2 flurries landing 5 (4 citations) with I double. This was Christian’s first Big drum and he is pumped. Had to get him back on dry ground to get re-focused for first day of school.

Oh, by the way, my daughter Crystal got her 1st Big Boy thanks to her Boo Michael.

What other fish can you target and get these numbers of citations? Let’s GO! Don’t let storm worry you – drum will still be hereafter blow.

If you are from out of town and need somewhere to stay; I can help arrange.

Bookings are coming in so call soon to tackle one of these citation fish.

Be Safe on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/26/11

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