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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot June Update

The weather is still tough on the Neuse. I ran a couple of trips with some success, even without the weather man’s help.

Friday’s trip with Ralph and his wife Jackie was shortened due to severe storms popping up on us. Prior to that we had several small trout and flounder a lot with 1 nice slot drum. I have to say, Ralph is the man, he brought his own bait casters in a stiff wind and managed to catch several trout on jigs with minimal birds nesting. But, Jackie put it on him with the slot drum!!!!

Saturday’s trip was an educational trip teaching Roberts’ children, Emily and Evan, how to cast and fish. It was Emily’s Birthday trip at 8 years old. She managed to be the star catching a pin fish, flounder, and a trout. Couldn’t get picture of her and trout, scared her terribly. Evan did finally catch a croaker. His coach, Dad, was not as lucky as the Mom and daughter!!!! Went in search of drum to complete Emily’s slam but never hooked up. I did go back to my spot after dropping them off and landing 2, 20+ inch drum. I knew they were there. The both learned the basics of casting spinning rods and will get nothing but better with more practice.

Flounder have continued to be the main stay along the river. A lot of small fish with mixed keepers (15”). Baits of choice are mud and mullet minnows with some using gulp and deep creek baits on jigs.

I am posting my rough draft with final proof to follow soon of my new line of Denali microfiber polyester shirts like the DOA you see me wearing. They are so cool and have a 50 UV protection rating. Not hot at all. I will have my Minnesott Marvin and KneEDeeP Custom Charters on it along with a few phrases. If you would like one, let me know size and I will place in order. If I get enough orders I can sell for $32.95 or if not $39.95. Well worth the money.

Don’t forget all the other gear I carry and install at discounted prices.

My charters are picking up targeting these fish and I Guarantee FUN. Look for possible early drum trips too. Conditions are right and the way this summer is going anything’s possible. Call me to get booked.

Be Safe on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/21/11

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mid June Reort

Heat, wind and low water are the story on the Neuse. It has made for some tough fishing this week.

I did get the opportunity to carry my Trout Tagging Boss, Tim Ellis, old time friend Wes and Tim’s brother in law, on a pre-nuptial fishing expedition Friday. It was very slow to start with Tim’s Brother in law getting the first trout. It was larger enough to tag in honor of Tim. Moved to another location and found a school of small trout hanging on a rough point. DOA Deadly Combo was the bait over live minnows. We caught around 10 tagging 2 with Wes FINALLY getting his first! He’s a little slow> We then went back to our starting targeting slot drum which evaded us earlier. First minnow to hit the water bent the rod over. Wes was redeeming his lack of capability on trout. We finally got the pull we looked for. Short live with only one fish where others should have been schooled up. I sent them off happy – ready for the weekend marriage endeavor. Hope all went well Tim, and Wes; come back if you want some more lessons!!!!

Michael and Brad made an around the world trip Saturday from Dawson around Swan – through Turnagain and back catching a mixed bag with 2 nice slot drum. It was a lot of travels for a few fish but a good fun day for the 2.

It appears the rock will hand in New Bern for those early birds. Early morning and late evening the best for top water bite.

Speaking of New Bern, check out Jeremy’s large drum caught last week up that way of a gulp. I get the feeling that as we are seeing with inshore and offshore fish, the Old Drum might get in early this year. There have been some rumored reports of tarpon sighting too.

The drum picture in my store page is what I am having put on my new line of Denali microfiber polyester shirts like to DOA you see me wearing. The are so cool and have a 50 UV protection rating. Not hot at all. I will have my marvin and KneEDeeP custom Charters on it alonf with a few phrases. If you would like one, let me know size and I will place in order. If i get enough orders i can sell for $32.95 or if not $39.95. Well worth the money.

I have plenty of charter openings to target these fish and Guarantee FUN. Call me to get booked.

Be Safe on the water.


Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/12/11

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Early June Reort

Lewis Crew3.5 release

What a change a week can make. Bait has moved into the river and already following is the Spanish mackerel. There has been a good number report’s of a lot of Spanish with some nice ones being caught too. Some use rods and other like myself pull hand lines tagged with 00 clark spoons and my rocking wooble heads too. Its a lot of fun and good eating.

Spot and croaker have also been hitting shrimp and squid around Dawson/Oriental areas. Haven’t seen sizes but one customers said they were nice and good numbers.

Flounder has been the big news with a lot of them being caught around piers, rocks and structure in the river. Baits of choice has been Gulp, Deep Creek and mud minnows. You have to pick through them to get our supper but fun to catch.

Drum, a lot or slot fish, are up and down the river shore up tight to the bank. Carolina rigging with 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook tipped with cut bait or live mud minnows working the best. I move around with my trolling motor and get on them, then setting down power pole to catch a few before moving on. Handle these fish with care to allow survival on release.

Trout? What will happen this week? There are good numbers around in the river and sound. Normal fishing technique being careful to release health has worked. Hopefully soon we can keep a few and please if this happens; only keep what you will eat, release others for another day.

Rock are still hitting hard in New Bern as a release only fishery. Early morning and late evening the best for top water bite.

I had one of my best trips Saturday with the Lewis clan from Rockingham. They made the trip enjoyable coming to have fun and catch a few fish. I was quickly told don’t hook a fish and hand them the rod! We managed to catch fish everywhere we went. This consisted of undersize flounder, trout and 6-8 slot drum. Largest was about 21” with largest trout about 3.5 lb. We fished mostly live muds but I caught a trout or two throwing Deep Creek. Really fun for all, great to have clients also crazy as me.

For all you fly fishermen. I invite you to call or come by if I can help with any Temple Fork Outfitters fly rod, reels or accessories. I only stock Spinning rods but call help get you any of these quality products you may want. I have a customer in Raleigh has been ordering a lot and really bragging on the product as I do spinning rods.

My charter bookings are picking up so call or email soon if you would like to target any of my fisheries. I Guarantee FUN.

Be Safe on the water

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/05/11

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