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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Reort

Memorial Day is past now and I have a lot to talk about.

Busy week with 3 charters and also my first Bobs Machine Shop Jack Plate install. All went well as report follows.

Thursday was a 2 boat trip with my buddy Gary Dubiel and myself. We had a wedding party from the northwest – Alaska. These people are used to catching 100# halibut and huge salmon. Welcome to our world! We fished several spots in search of slot drum using cut mullet. We started out slow with one slot drum and one trout (released) at first stop. Numerous moves resulted in notta. We leap frogged up the shore line in search of some more and Gary stopped just in front of me and found a 7 fish catch in one hole that must have been the sixe of a 55 gallon drum. Group as a whole ended the morning with a limit of slots and a morning of FUN.

Friday brought a New Bern trip for top water rock action. I had 2 guys from Vermont that have fished all over the world. I showed them our world of early am top water stump field action. We had numerous blow ups getting them to hook up on 3 smaller rock. The first got the best of me. Flipped out of the net with a spook in his mouth and landed on my foot. Other treble planted in the top of my foot when it shook its head. I had to cut of other 2 hooks and shank to get back to business. Hazards of the trades! Wind got up ending our morning trip but had a good time.

It was back to the wedding party on Sunday for another drum trip. We started out good with a quick slot in the box and a lost really nice flounder at the boat. Lawrence can add more to that if he wishes!!!!! The——we had a long morning of search with minimal results. Good friendly conversation on the water with my Chilean people; and I did learn how to pronounce Chile’.

My Michael has proven rumors to be true. Spanish are in the river. Bait moved in thick this week and guess the followed. We smoked 4 nice ones yesterday. The standard clark spoons are working with #1 planers.

Also have been hearing of several slot flounder and also spot/croaker catches around Oriental. We needed this lift – moving into a good summer fishery if we can get black drum going good. I even heard of a few shrimp being cast netted too.

My capabilities’ in my shop have been broadened from trolling motor and power pole installs by adding Bobs Machine Shop Jack plates. An avid fisherman and customers brother want a jack plate but not what I could get. He said that Bobs Machine Shop was the best by far. So, as I do in my shop, I met my customers demand. Ordered and install my first jack plate with minimal problems. For those running jack plates, check theirs out on the web and let me know if I can help you.

I am also going to be an authorized repair site for Water Snake trolling motors. These are an exclusive Henrys Tackle item with increased stocking from manufacture forthcoming. They look to be as sturdy and durable as Minn Kota at a lower price.
I have a new stock of my custom cobia jigs with reports still coming in of cobia catches. Check them out on my store stuff and can ship quantity at 4.95 anywhere.

My charter bookings are picking up so call or email soon if you would like to target any of my fisheries. I Guarantee FUN.

Be Safe on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 05/30/11

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mid May Report

I know it’s been awhile since I have posted. Hopefully I have enough to give a good report of current conditions.

One of my new customers has been bringing his kids in and getting them into fishing. He sent me their first fish pics and man those two guys are proud of their catches. If dad keeps them going, they will grow up to be avid fishermen one day.

Now I have been out twice looking cobia and struck out, plenty of sharks though and beautiful Spanish. Then I get a picture sent to me from a good friend of his dad vacationing from PA on Atlantic Beach with his surf catch of a 30” fish – oops he had to release it. But he did better than myself.

Did have a nice weigh at shop with Dale Walls 35lb cobia caught Wednesday at the Cape. Said he lost other larger fish due to his light leaders. OOPS.

I have sold out of my custom cobia jigs but more coming Tuesday. Check them out on my store stuff and can ship quantity at 4.95 anywhere.

Had a great trip Friday with Mike and his son Kyle in the Neuse. My job was to put Kyle (8 years old) on his first drum. Not as easy to do this year as you expect. Well, we went to one of my favorite spots and did manage to get him 3 trout, 2 on DOA Deadly Combo and the 24 ½” fish on fresh mullet on a circle hook. When it hit, I hoped it was the drum we had wanted but wow – when I saw that fish come to the top – I new the kids first fish would be a citation (24” release). He was tickled as well as myself and his dad. Worked several other areas hard with 1 needle fish and 1 croaker. He left me to head to Camp Seafare for the weekend and brag about his catch.

Rock has still been producing in New Bern. Some nice fish coming back from spawn. May hold up a few weeks weather dependent.

I have increased my DOA selection lately, come check out the baits of choice. Pick up a TFO rod to fish these with too. Put it in your hand and you wont believe how light and great action they have.

My charter bookings are picking up so call or email soon if you would like to target any of my fisheries. I Guarantee FUN.

Be Safe on the water – there will be a lot of folks out this coming weekend with a lot not know all the rules and respect.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 05/22/11

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