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Monday, April 04, 2011

April Blow Day

Windy day out to attempt to tag a few trout before the BLOW! Didn’t work – could fish me normal spots without 100 loop in line. Did manage to snag an 18” flounder on one of the few lee shores I could fish. And I want all to know that she hit one of my Lil Corkie baits. Now these have been for sale in my shop for 2 years with little interest. Couldn’t talk guys into using them. Well, I found a guide in Louisiana who uses them religiously and sold him all I had last week. So I decided to fish one today and damn a nice flounder. Still have them in Blood Hound Jr and Broken Back and will make someone a deal to move them out for more room.

Ole Bobby Huck has been chasin’ inland trout and landed a nice tournament fish that someone would love to have caught. He hit this 5# bass throwing trout baits.

Trout are still in creeks but will be heading out as water warms. And June 15 cant come fast enough.

Rock are still in good supply in the Neuse but remember 30 April is last keeper day. Fish bridges, trestles and ledges if the wind will let you

Call me if you would like to have me take you out for these fish as well as cobia this next month. Hoping for another great season on them.

Be safe on the water.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 04/04/11

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