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Sunday, October 03, 2010

1st Fall 2010

Falls here and so is flood waters. That and last winter had me a little concerned about our fall trout season. Let me tell you; if the last 2 days are any signs of what’s to come, we are in for another good year.

I personally have not been on the trout but me and Michael were out in the wind Saturday and landed 2 nice upper slot drum that could have been good tournament fish weighing in at 12.52 lb.

I have had reports from New Bern to Sound of quantities and quality fish being caught all weekend. Some were caught on live bait and others on artificial. Rock have also been doing well in New Bern area waters. I have a special bait in shop for those chasing rock!

My shop tournament is finally getting a fish or 2 weighed in. Ole PiratesAboard (Chuck) had to break the ice with a mear 1.50 trout. He didn’t stay on top long when Eddie Grant came in Sunday with a 3.34#er to compliment almost a double limit for him and his partner Robert Bennett. Speaking of shop event – you can still get in for $35 but cant weigh a fish for 5 days after registering. Tournament runs into first weeks of Jan 2011.

I am trying to keep some live shrimp now. Not sure what rest of the year will bring based on my only 1 supplier. Call for availability but will be keeping mud minnows throughout the winter in tank soon.

If anyone would like to take a light tackle trip through the fall and winter targeting trout and rock, call me to schedule.

I will be continually reminding all of Pamlico County Shrine Club Trout Tournament coming up Oct. 23rd. Flyers are in local shops or contact me for more info. Still need additional money and prize sponsors. If you can support in any way – please call me. It will be another fun event with loads of prizes and cash. Put this date down to remember our event and NOT CCA event. Ours is for a better cause helping crippled and burned children. I would like to note that a sponsor has put up $500 to go to the fisherman that is lucky enough to catch a 8# or larger trout. Also this year we have a special trophy going to the largest trout. It is custom made and donated by Steve Barber (Gamefish Sculptures). If it looks anywhere as good as the one my wife had made for me – someone is going to love this award. If you want a quality replica of your fish, contact Steve at SBARBER@ec.rr.com

My website, http://www.pamlicotackle.com, has been upgraded to allow me better option of photos and also videos. Haven’t worked with it good yet but plan to share some of my fishing trips. I am also going to shoot some videos of my inventory to sell online to those not local. Stay toned.

Safe fishing and remember OUR KIDS

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/03/10

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