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Sunday, June 13, 2010

mid june good news report


Finally found time to get out on the water Tuesday and had a great couple of hours. Fished the mouth of Neuse using Deep Creek Lures and verified the quality. Caught several slot drum and just undersize flounder on their bait. It is very durable, scented and will not harden on hook. Come see me for a good selection of styles and colors available. I also was trying my I-Kam Video Glasses and thought I had the largest drum filmed from hook up to laying in the boat – OOPS, musta hit wrong button, didn’t save. But these glasses a really neat and quality of video/audio is really good too for under $200. I will be glad to order a pair for you at my discounted pricing.

Capt Michael had the Spangler family out Friday for a great trip around the mouth of Neuse. They had several nice trout with one 6#er, a citation for Robert Spangler, who is visiting his son Todd. They also had limit of slot drum and 1 flounder. Most of these were caught on live bait.

Saturday was ladies day with Julie and Ms Pace weighing in ALMOST citation trout.

To the kids, Ryan is at it again this summer. He, his dad and grandpa had a nice catch of slot drum and large croakers along with a nice flounder to carry back to Wendell. They also caught several small trout which is good to see. There hasn’t been many small fish showing of late.

And last but not least, this child staying at Sea Gull Villas caught his 1st trout Saturday – what a way to get started.

As you can see, fishing appears to be picking up. Shrimp are starting to show so as do the fish. Croakers have been exceptionally large this year with good numbers too. They are hitting shrimp and small mud minnows. There has also been reported sightings of tarpon. I saw what is believed to be one roll while riding ferry yesterday am. Old drum are right behind.

Let me help get your gear ready with new line. Large selection of mono or can order braid for those who wish to use it. I will be carrying Gamakatsu 9/0 J hooks and Capt Owen rigs though the season. Also have access to fresh bait; call me for ordering.

I am taking orders now for eating shrimp as they start being caught. I will still discount my price even with rising cost. My bait shrimp price has doubled this year but not my prices. I am raising my cup price by only .50 and hope to maintain that through the year.

Minn Kota rebates on motors and chargers expire on purchases after July 1, so get your order in to save up to $100 depending on model or charger. I have 2 chargers in stock.

Keeping live mud minnows/finger mullet around that are producing flounder, drum and trout.

Still have a load of bulk spool line available a wholesale pricing.

If you would like opportunity to get out and catch some of these slot drum or trout, give me a call. My rates are available on my site under charter services link. Big drum trips coming up can also be scheduled.

I will start working with the kids at Heartworks Child Care Monday – teaching them fish identification, safety, gear, baits and technique with a trip to River Dunes to actually fish some.

Safe fishing and remember OUR KIDS

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/13/10

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