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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trout Update


It has been awhile since I could speak about a nice trout catch. This is it and I believe the best I have heard in awhile.

Bill Gillespie recently move here as an avid sportsman and has been learning to fish for trout hard. He has done well with a little advice and has landed his first NC citation. He caught this 5.62 trout along with 2 other nice fish today. I was invited to fish with him but declined to work on a house for my daughter. Oh well.

This is a good sign and I have just heard of a few more fish caught around area as well. Warmer weather could bring back what we all have missed this winter.

I am going to come out of “Hibernation” March 31st no matter if I have completed my winter project. As always – call first to assure I’m in, I know I will still have work to do at daughters house.

Come see my new selection and let me help you with any trolling motor or power pole wishes you have. Minn Kota is running rebates now and I have on-board MK-210 chargers here that are included in rebate.

My tournament is still open for applicant and all can still get in until the end, just can’t weigh in for 5 days after entry. Application can be downloaded off my site and sent in.

Call me at 670-2841 if I can help.

Safe fishing and remember OUR KIDS

Posted by Capt. Dave on 03/10/10

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