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Monday, October 26, 2009

24 Oct Report


Alot has been going on – two days in sound produced some nice trout (24 ½ inch tagged for NCSU study), drum and a inshore slam on charter. Had good weather and light winds making fishing pleasurable.

Thomas Hopkins had a good catch fishing with Dad – don’t get much better; except when my grandson won Jr Angler in Shrine Club Trout tournament. Life is good!

Bobby and Joyce enjoyed excellent fishing this past week (14 fish@29lb) with Joyce getting her a citation fish (5.3lb). Go Girl.

Eddie Grant has move into 1st in my shop tournament with Capt Owen in 2nd and Dennis Thomas in 3rd. All fish are in the 5lb range and I don’t think they will hold up too long. Hering of some large fish being caught hook ‘n’ line and net.

Pamlico County Shrine Club Trout Tournament 24 Oct was another years’ successful event. Wind was a factor but still had some good catches. 2 citation fish were brought in by Roger Mayo (6.56) and David Raines (5.76) with Rogers fish taking big fish pot in the event. We had 42 adult entries and 9 jr anglers. Great to see more kids BUT need more next year as well as adult anglers. We are growing and plans are for same weekend in 2010. Come join us and sponsorships in terms of cash or prizes is greatly appreciated by our Shrine Club and anglers.


Adult Catergory
1st Jason Yates 11.86lb, 2nd Mark Dudley 11.16lb, 3rd Roger Mayo 10.54lb, 4th Phil Rawls 9.14lb, 5th Robert Bennett 8.31, 6th Brian Edwards 8.28, 7th Brad Buck 7.68lb, 8th Owen Lupton III 7.68, 9th Ronnie Buck 6.54lb, 10th Tommy Cowen 6.52lb

TWT 1st Jason Yates 11.86lb, 2nd Mark Dudley 11.16lb, 3rd Brian Edwards 8.28

Jr Angler
1st Marcus”Buddy” Greene 4.72lb, Ashley Athur 3.94ld and David Sawyer III 3.4lb

Largest Fish
Roger Mayo – 6.56lb

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Safe fishing and remember OUR KIDS

Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/26/09

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