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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Sunday, March 29, 2009

1ST Spring Report


Fishing has been good for trout with alot of small fish and mix of 15 - 18” and some citations found in the mix. The first three were 1st citations for them and Capt Owens fish is leading my tournament with is 5.8#er. Fish are still in creeks but moving into shallower water with warm weather. Should start moving into river soon with temperature rising. Has also been good mix of nice slot rock and legal flounder and over slot drum mixed in. Baits of choice has been MR17 - 3D and Xrap. Grass is back in creeks so you need to stay off bottom. Really looking good for spring weather permitted. Have openings for some of this action - call me.

Also now carrying Airwave and Wright Mcgill upscale rods. You need to feel one to see their worth! Match that with a Diawa Excellor or Plfueger Maxx reel for a great combination at my discounted prices.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 03/29/09

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