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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mid December Trout Information

Dont have much to offer, fishing strange and can be slow. Some good fish being caught by a few, alot of skunks - me included. Have to have patience and fish slow. If you get on fish you will probably catch more than 1! Mirrolures and live minnows working best. Will update through winter as soon as I have something to report.
My shop tournament ended Dec 10 with 1st going to Capt Michael Daniels of Washington NC with a 6.94 # fish. 2nd went to Capt Owen Lupton of Pamlico County with his 6.80# fish. 3rd went to Capt Jimmy Arthur also of Pamlico County with his 6.42# fish. Smaller fish than I expected but who knows? Next spring event will be in Mid March through May. Email if you are interested and I will forward info. $25 chance to win up to $900.
Shop hours are not going to be standard through March. Call me ahead of time and I will assist you. If I am home, I am open if not busy with honey do’s! Ring door bell and I will be there if able. Will keep Live Mud Minnows through the winter, call for assistance in case I am not around.  I plan on doing some fishing of my own while times are slow but will continue to assist my customers as needed.
I will be going to Henrys Tackle Annual Show again this January. If you have any special purchases I can help you with, let me know. I will pass on savings. This includes rods, reels, tackle, hunting equipment (no guns), trolling motors, ect.


Posted by Capt. Dave on 12/18/08

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