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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PamlicoTackle.com Trout Report

Trout Starting to Gang Upimage

Has been numbers of limits with some large fish mixed in and also some skunks. If you are in the right place with the right bait you’re in for a blast. Live shrimp was rocking but cold weather has cut them off. Mirrodines have been the bait of choice in colors from EC, 26, 18 or chbl. I will be carrying mud minnows through the winter for all live baiters. Call me for availablity and will be limiting hours after mid December. Check with me for any sevice needed though. Will be reporting in through winter as well.

My inhouse tournament in full swing with change to leader board today with Jimmys 6.42 (yes thats correct!) knocking Jeff Bland out of third. Capt Michael still in 1st with 6.94 and Capt Owen in 2nd with 6.80

Chris and Micah in red had a 20 fish limit with 3 nice citations - 5.76, 5.14 and 6.02


Be safe in the cold weather - cant stand to be submerged long!




Posted by Capt. Dave on 11/25/08

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