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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Late Jan Update


Been a busy January and haven’t had time to post updates. Good cold rainy/snowy day is allowing me this time.

I have been getting reports of trout in numerous creeks with some little trout and nice fish mixed. Phil Rawls weighed in my first citation of 2010 caught 28/29 Jan. His fish weighed in at 5.32 pounds and nice to see since all the cold weather. It’s ashamed he isn’t in my shop tournamentread full article

Posted by Capt. Dave on 01/30/10

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

pamlico county update

As of this AM – no floating trout in Pamlico County. Keep fingers crossed and remember just floating trout are not all dead and if slight movement will regain equilibrium after sun warms them. This information comes from a seasoned waterman that I fully respect.

I am keeping Mud Minnows alive in my tank for Live Baiters. Also have small buckets with lids for these minnows too. Those using themread full article

Posted by Capt. Dave on 01/05/10

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