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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct Update

My first day back on water with 6 days ahead to go. River is in bad shape but still fish around. Hopefully weather shifts will flush and bring fall fishing on strong.
Out this morning scouting and did manage to find 1 hungry trout at 17 inch – then back out in afternoon and found 3 more hungry missing 1 large fish on sub surface and 2 on top water. Bob go t hi best ever with a 24 ½ calculated...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/21/14

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mid Oct Update

OK – our fall sabbatical is over – let’s get to work!
Drum season was off but we worked through it – rain and water quality kept most fish down river this year.
Now – trout and rock season is on and still have a water quality issue! Is any agency paying attentions? Rock bite of recent has been dead along with trout bite up river.
Some nice fish being caught down river including both trout...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 10/14/14

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Out on our first Ocean Prowler Big Game II kayak adventure in the creek - muddy water no fish but getting used to it - I put a 17lb Watersnake T motor on mine and it worked great allowing me extended trip distance but now will have to register it to continue use!

Speaking on Water Snake:

I have several SWDG4V80-54 and SWXB80-54 saltwater trolling motors in stock I need to move – regular...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/23/14

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bass Pro Saltwater Day

Make your plans today to be in Cary NC Sunday 28 Sept from 9-5 for Bass Pro Saltwater Day. I will be their doing seminars and tank exhibits of bait action/techniques of DOA Fishing Lures. I will be offering trout and rock charters for upcoming season at a 10% discount with a 50% deposit in cash or check and trip taken by December 15.

There will be other tables of groups and product personnel...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/19/14

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Busy and Great Drum Week

Been a busy week – sorry for not reporting.
Drum has picked up with hopes of hanging on a while more.

Barry McClure – worked hard but found fish in bluefish schools and slicks
Ed Wall and Ashley – Two new local guys to the DOA Popping cork action and man did they enjoy it – ended morning with a double!
Ron, Andy and Al Swartz – Little windy but managed a great morning with Andy finally...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/17/14

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Vasser Trip Update

I hope Allen dont mind but this hits home - This is what makes my job self satisfying. Thaks for kind word Bro


"I just can't explain how a simple guided fishing trip can create a Memory that will be burned forever in my mind . The commentary and pix on your website cemented it into reality. My wife had to sit down and stare for a long time in disbelief.
I truly hope we can continue this...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/09/14

Monday, September 08, 2014

Vasser Boys are Back

I had another Vasser brother added to boat this year – Scott was making his first trip out for big drum with Greg and Allen who had been with me before. AND Scott got the first one that hit right at the boat.
Then Greg got his turn with a 40 incher that just gave up and came to boat – must have been through it before and said sooner I get to boat the sooner I get let go!!!!!! Sorry Allen,...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/08/14

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Tae Gareys B’Day Trip

Happy Birthday Tate Garey – Always great to have you and / or family aboard.
Fun morning sticking Big Drum on DOA Popping Cork and Airhead combos. Can you see he is HAPPY! 
Fishing picking up – few open dates left before we move on to trout and rock in October which I am already getting bookings for to – call to get on board and have a FUN trip.

Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/04/14

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Labor Day week Activity

It has been a busy last of August - chasing Big Boys and alternating due to weather to really nice slots - they have been the best this year especially with the NE winds. The prize for this period goes to Vic Walton - a 70+ past F4 aircraft co-worker of mine out with his son Donavan. He tagged one on a Doa Fishing Lures Airhead Popping Cork rig and man did it try him. He hung in there for his...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 09/02/14

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update late August

Relentless wind can’t stop my clients – even if I try to cancel them out!
Scott and his insurance crew wouldn’t give up and worked out to be a great trip. Stuck 1 big drum early before wind really got up at 46 inches on a DOA Popping Cork/Airhead rig. His first ever being an up state river fly guy.
Then on to slots. We had a time finding bait but finally did and it was on – several fish...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/27/14

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