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Minnesott Beach Fishing Reports

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Day 2 withh the Bells

Day 2 for the Bells found the SW wind blowing in am. Lil Dave got the first early in the rollers and Dad David closed out trip with a Fat Male! Was a pleasure having 3 generations of Bells out. Great folks from Texas getting to see our world class fishery. The DOA Popping Cork AH Swimbait combo is the ticket. Out fished all anglers I know in this area in the past few day. No used just by me...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/18/16

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First Great 2016 Trip

What a great morning on the Neuse. 3 generations of Bells from Texas and they all caught Big Drum. Couldn’t get any better. We go again Thursday and if is as good as today Texans will be pouring in for this action, our world class fishery! Bob and his son David and David’s son David . The Bells. I did get a 48” female on Ralapa Skitter Pop 12 that just exploded on it – changed out trebles with...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/16/16

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Drum Status

Well, a lot of folks have asked why I am not posting much of lately. The reason is Big Drum has started slow and not too much to report. There are a few fish cooperating but it has been tough. The first Full Moon spawn is this coming week so things should improve drasticly.

There has been some drum caught on both DOA and bait. Your preference is the only decisionfactor as they both work. I...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 08/14/16

Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 3

Day 3 – Blowing out of SW at 6:30 and no let up all morning. Don’t stop my Key West 23 Bay Reef! Out with a regular client Ronald Plecinski of “Jersey” and his brother in law Randy of Texas for some action and told them this is no doubt the worst conditions we could fish here. And we still had a limit of trout and one real nice slot drum along with several shorties. Live bait and anchor day....

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/29/16

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Second Day in Row

Day 2 and damn HOT. Got to me a bit today. I had Charles Stoup of Pennsylvania out today to learn some about our fisheries. He is currently a member of Fairfield Fishing Club, a group I really enjoy working with. I took him on the down river tour hitting the sound and stuff. We fished DOA Deadly Combos and new 2 ¾ shrimp (in my Shop Soon) and live bait. All caught fish. Small trout with a...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/28/16

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Magic Trick

Pulled a rabbit out today! Found trout, drum, flounder, rock, and black drum! Major Grand Slam. Not all big but lot better than what has been the usual. Robert Maner and his 2 sons Grant and Sam from Chattanooga Tenn. did a great job today learning how to catch our fish. Came home with a meal for them and me and a great memory to carry on. Only wish they didn’t have to see the crappy water...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/27/16

Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Duldrums

The heat and West winds suck - fishing has been tough to say the least even for avide anglers. The Big Drum should be in REAL soon as menhaden are moving in. That will give us the excitement we need.  See my story in Coastal Angler August edition on these special fish. Going to be published National in all publications! The word will be out. Have a few morning trip openings and plenty of...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 07/25/16

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Great Weather Day Results

Finally a great weather day. I had Marv and his son Will and was told they wanted supper! Pressure was on in the environment we have had but it worked out great. Had a boat Grand Slam with rock, trout, drum and flounder as all were not of legal size but count it! Will put on a clinic for his Dad – letting him finally catch the largest trout of the day – 18 inch eater! Will was man of day for...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/28/16

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quality Day

Best day this season - quality fish found on DOA Lures. Andys first slot 22" drum inhaled the DOA Terroeyz as all other fish that eat it do. Dan and Robert landed large rock and drum on DOA Deadly Combo . Then on the other waters. the New DOA Shrimp took over action - nice trout and drum . Great to see some nice fish - looks like we may have a good summer on slot drum! LETS GO - Call when...

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Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/18/16

Sunday, June 12, 2016

June Report

Plenty of short trout – just short – around for a fun day. DOA CAL Shad Tail and Deadly Combo Shrimp nailing them. Few legals and from what I hear all loaded for spawn!!!!!! Dad Dave was a tough nut to crack but Got Him! He had a “I can’t catch a fish” tude! Finally he hooked up and game on after that. Fun day before wind got up – Oh, tiny croakers even like DOA CAL Arkansas Glow Shad Tails....read full article

Posted by Capt. Dave on 06/12/16

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